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NZDEF Long Service Awards Mounting & Remounting
NZDF long service awards mounting services
mount New Zealand Long Service Good conduct awards

As New Zealand's leading medal mounting business, our constant aim is ~ Quality Assured ~ ceremonial excellence for Navy, Army, Air Force long service and good conduct awards as recently announced. All medals fitted with original ribbon.

Our fine-quality replica medals for purchase by you are also mounted for wear. All medals fitted with original ribbon supplied from our UK manufacturer, who supplies defence forces worldwide.

Latest Medals Issue ~ The New Zealand Long Service and Good Conduct Awards

Recently new Royal Warrants and Regulations were approved for changes to New Zealand Long Service Awards to deliver a fairer system while maintaining the high status of the long service awards. The changes have enhanced the entitlement criteria.

The changes allow all eligible New Zealand military service across all Services to be counted, and service can be accumulated for any award, rather than having to be continuous, as is currently required for some of the Territorial/Reserve Force awards.

The changes mean that additonal New Zealand Long Service Awards and 2nd award bars are now being issued to qualified personnell. For many recipient's, this means remount and/or retrofit of Second Award clasps for existing medals sets.

Applying for Long Service Award post-service NZDF

The long service award application form (PAM F 18) is downloadable from the NZDF Medals website. The form must be completed and submitted for qualification approval.

Remounting Service - New Zealand Long Service Awards

As the lead Military Medals Company in New Zealand with exceptional service and quality materials, we specialise in remount of exisiting medals sets for Long Service Award medals and retrofit of Second Award clasps.

Remount/Retrofit Free Bonus

Our remount/retrofit free bonus is to fit a new method of spring clips and pins, replacing mounting bars on medals sets. The pins are pressed through a garment to which spring clips lock on. For example, with an 8-medals set the new method has proven fail-safe over the past many years.

Enquire about your remount/retrofit

Email us with your enquiry for an obligation-free estimate for remounting or retrofitting the latest New Zealand Long Service Awards and clasps.

mount New Zealand Long Service Good conduct awards