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Advisory Notes ~ General

Automated Email
An automated email is sent immediately to those who have purchased from our Replica Medals website via our Paypal account or, have submitted an order form from the replica medals web page or, sent an email enquiring about replica medals.

When replying to such email be sure to change the Subject wording, for example ... 'Replica Medals Purchase Wally Stumpwater'.... . Do not copy and paste the example shown. If the 'Subject' wording remains the same, another of the automated email will be received by you.

Replica Medals Sets Prepared for Wear
If you are wanting to purchase WWI & WWII replica medals as a set for wear, it is recommended you firstly view the web page where such are listed. There are multiple choices to select from, with only one purchase to make. If the set you need is not listed, email us with the details and an invoice will be sent to you. Click the link for the medals sets prepared for wear:
Normal Business Hours ~ Personal One-on-One Contact
The Company policy includes ensuring staff spend quality time with their families, therefore normal business hours at our premises for personal one-on-one contact are:

Monday to Friday ~ 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Personal contact outside the above business hours can be by arrangement, including weekends.

Online Business Hours
The Company website enables online transaction and communications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Automated email responses will occur, these will be followed up the next normal working day.

Medals Mounting, Replica Medals and Accessories Medals mounting, replica medals and accessories, especially New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom UK, USA United States of America. Throughout New Zealand includes Hamilton, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Northland, Wairapara, Manawatu, Taranaki, Wellington, and South Island.

Latest Medals Issue ~ The New Zealand Long Service and Good Conduct Awards

Recently new Royal Warrants and Regulations were approved for changes to New Zealand Long Service Awards to deliver a fairer system while maintaining the high status of the long service awards. The changes have enhanced the entitlement criteria.

The changes allow all eligible New Zealand military service across all Services to be counted, and service can be accumulated for any award, rather than having to be continuous, as is currently required for some of the Territorial/Reserve Force awards.

The changes mean that additonal New Zealand Long Service Awards and 2nd award bars are now being issued to qualified personnell. For many recipient's, this means remount and/or retrofit of Second Award clasps for existing medals sets.

Applying for Long Service Award post-service NZDF

The long service award application form (PAM F 18) is downloadable from the NZDF Medals website. The form must be completed and submitted for qualification approval.

Remounting Service - New Zealand Long Service Awards

As the lead Military Medals Company in New Zealand with exceptional service and quality materials, we specialise in remount of exisiting medals sets for Long Service Award medals and retrofit of Second Award clasps.

Remount/Retrofit Free Bonus

Our remount/retrofit free bonus is to fit a new method of spring clips and pins, replacing mounting bars on medals sets. The pins are pressed through a garment to which spring clips lock on. For example, with an 8-medals set the new method has proven fail-safe over the past many years.

Enquire about your remount/retrofit

Email us with your enquiry for an obligation-free estimate for remounting or retrofitting the latest New Zealand Long Service Awards and clasps.


Military Service Medals Mounting ~ WWI, WWII and post-World War II of New Zealand & British Commonwealth Countries

Medal mounting of war medals in New Zealand for WWI, WWII and post-WWII allies including British Commonwealth countries military medals for navy, army, air force war campaigns and defence force service

Other medal awards for mounting include New Zealand Operational Service Medal, New Zealand Honours such as Member of New Zealand Order of Merit, New Zealand Defence Service Medal, Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal and other campaigns.

As New Zealand's leading medal mounting business, our constant aim is ~ Quality Assured ~ ceremonial excellence for Navy, Army, Air Force campaigns and defence force service. All medals fitted with original ribbon, sourced from New Zealand Defence Force on your behalf as required.

Our fine-quality replica medals for purchase by you are also mounted for wear. All medals fitted with original ribbon supplied from our UK manufacturer, who supplies defence forces worldwide.

To read the definition of swing and formal court mount styles, click here.

Did you know?

Firstly, the proprietor of has many years service in the New Zealand Army regular and territorial forces. His service includes Malaysia, Borneo and South Vietnam with an infantry rifle company. Qualified as a first class All Arms Instructor he knows and understands ceremonial protocol and military medal awards.

Secondly, our professional medals processing techicians perform all medals mounting services to an exacting standard with exceptional quality products and materials obtained from reputable sources worldwide.

CAUTION: There are people now undertaking medals mounting because of the New Zealand Defence Service Medal requiring remount who have no previous experience, nor the professional equipment and materials required for quality finish. Our work is quality assured

Medals Mounting Examples

Click images below to enlarge.

New Zealand mounted military medals gallery
Typical WWI Mounted Medals.
New Zealand military medals mounted medals gallery
Typical mounting post-WWII Medals.

Medals before and after mounting gallery

The medals shown below indicates the quality of work by our Medals Processing Technicians in restoring your medal sets to a pristine condition after we have received them.Click images to enlarge.

New Zealand military medals mounting pre-mounted medals gallery New Zealand military medals mounting medals post-mount medals gallery
As received from customer. After mounting by our
Medals Processing Technician.
More than 30 years experience in mounting war campaign and award medals, plus 10 years army service that includes Malaysia, Borneo, and South Vietnam gives us the cutting edge to ceremonial excellence for mounting medals in court and swing style.

Personal name label:
We will print a label FREE, with the individual service number, last name, initials, Corp and/or branch of military service. The branches are Navy, Army and Air Force. The label will be fixed to the back of each set of court mounted medals, or sent separately.
For example, NZ12345 STUMPWATER A. B. RNZN
Be sure to send personal service details with the medals.


 Back to Index The GST inclusive mounting cost per medal is for materials, and labour in the form of quality workmanship. The supply of a brooch bar with pin is extra. The return is by signature-required courier, for security of delivery, with the average GST inclusive charge ibeing $8.00.
If you have had your medals set mounted by other sources and they are in a sound state, and not finished with adhesive glues, or have adhesive tape affixed to the medals, contact us to discuss the rebated charge for remounting to fit the New Zealand Defence Service Medal.

New Ribbon for Medals Remounting

To do medal remounts efficiently and without undue delay, additional ribbon required for all medals is requisitioned on your behalf from NZDEF Medals Office. This includes ribbon for the New Zealand Defence Service Medal.

Medals Mounting Costs Page line 388 to 571

Medals Mounting Costings

See the simple price schedule below to calculate the price per number of medals to be mounted. All are fitted with new ribbon, and polished for a lifetime of regular use at ANZAC Day parades, formal occasions, civic functions, funerals and suchlike.

Full Size Medals Mounting GST Inclusive Price Schedule, as from 3 May 2021.
No. Medals Tracked Courier Total
1. 27.00 9.00 36.00 medals on jacket
bonus    NEW - Fastening Medals to Garment

All medals sets mounted have the deluxe spring clip means for attachment to clothing, eliminating insertion of a brooch pin through a garment. The method also eliminates suspending medals from a pocket holder, which can damage top pocket stitching on jackets.
2. 61.00 9.00 70.00
3. 88.00 9.00 97.00
4. 116.00 9.00 125.00
5. 132.00 9.00 141.00
6. 146.00 9.00 155.00
7. 162.00 9.00 171.00
8. 179.00 9.00 188.00
9. 195.00 9.00 204.00
10. 222.00 9.00 231.00

Miniature Size Medals Mounting GST Inclusive Price Schedule, as from 3 May 2021.
No. Medals Tracked Courier Total
1. 17.00 9.00 26.00 medals on jacket
bonus  NEW - Fastening Medals to Garment

All medals sets mounted have the innovative Deluxe Spring Clip means for attachment to garments, eliminating insertion of a large brooch pin through clothing. The method also eliminates suspending medals from a pocket holder, which can damage top pocket stitching on jackets.
2. 39.00 9.00 48.00
3. 56.00 9.00 65.00
4. 72.00 9.00 81.00
5. 89.00 9.00 78.00
6. 105.00 9.00 114.00
7. 122.00 9.00 131.00
8. 138.00 9.00 147.00
9. 155.00 9.00 164.00
10. 165.00 9.00 174.00

Medals Ribbon Riband Bars

nz military medals mounting
The full range of medals ribbon riband bars available for you, all military and other services such as Customs, Fire Brigade, Police, Prison Service, Order of St John, and suchlike. See our modest pricing for: Click HERE

See the medal ribbon riband bar types available, starting from single-space upward. Click on any image for the listings and purchase web page.
1 space medals ribbon riband bars New Zealand 2 space medals ribbon riband bars New Zealand medals ribbon riband bars New Zealand 6 space ribbon bar
Typical 1-space Typical 2-space Typical 5-space Typical 6-space

Payment options include internet Bank-to-Bank by means of the button shown here,
or by credit card.
medals ribbon bar

Accessories for Sale

Click on a picture for the full accessories page.
medals ribbon bar medals ribbon bar medals ribbon bar medals ribbon bar
Small medals case.
For miniature medal sets.
Medium medals case.
For up to 4 full medals.
Large medals case.
For 5 or more medals.
Medals pocket holder.
Holds medals in jacket top pocket.
A useful tip for the New Zealand Defence Service Medal box:
Convert the box into a display case for upto 4 full mounted medals and upto 8 miniature medals. Remove the box inner pad by pulling on the white tab attached to it, thereby creating a display case as shown in the images below. Click on an image to expand.
New Zealand Defence Service Medal box medals display case
New Zealand Defence Service Medal box medals display case
Full Medals Display Case
New Zealand Defence Service Medal box medals display case
Miniature Medals Display Case

Replica Medals for Sale

The full range of replica medals are available from us, from World War I through to the East Timor medals. See the replica medals page via the following links.....

replica medals New Zealand replica medals New Zealand replica medals New Zealand replica medals New Zealand replica medals New Zealand replica medals New Zealand replica medals New Zealand replica medals New Zealand
Available as a full or miniature medal, the replicas are of the highest quality. Email us now with your requirements and a quote.

Sending your medals to us

Send your medals to us by courier standard post, courier is the safest means. Include your name and mailing address, and email address. Include the medal recipient's service details for the label placed on the back of court mounted medals and medals display cases.
31 English Street
St Andrews
Hamilton 3200
Phone [07] 849 9982

Please make cheques payable to Premier Strategics, include applicable packing and postage fee.

Our Hamilton Location

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Our customer feedback

Received my Son's medals from you this day.
Very happy with the workmanship, thanks very much for a job well done, much appreciated.
R K, New South Wales, Australia. 4 March 2021

Just a quick e-mail to thank you so much for the medals which arrived in Perth.
Wow they look so nice and the presentation box with the army number etc. just adds a great touch.
Thanks again for all your help with these Mel.
B D, Perth, Australia. 2 March 2021

We have used this business and we highly recommend them. Our medals are amazing. Thanks guys.
J W, Cambridge, New Zealand. 3 July 2020

Thank you so much for the amazing job on the medals, I love them.
S B, Hamilton, New Zealand. 16 June 2020

Thanks Victor. Ribbons arrived this morning. Please thank [staff member] for the excellent service and workmanship and for the Speedy delivery.
S W, Porirua 10 June 2020

I'd just like to let you know that the replica medals arrived last Friday and we are delighted with them. They will be put on display with other Judson memorabilia we have in our collections.
Albertland Museum and Heritage Centre, Wellsford. 21 Jul 2011.

Please accept the enclosed book as a token of gratitude for the professional job on my medals.
J R, Thames

Good evening Team,
Just want to let you know I have received both mine and my great grandpa's medals. Also want to thank you on what an amazing job you guys have done, the quick turn around, friendly comms, the work, the lot.

I couldn't be more happier and thankful for your service. Much appreciated. Have an awesome long weekend and a happy Easter!
S K, Christchurch. 16 April 2014.

I'm calling tonight to let you know my medals arrived today. I am absolutely thrilled with the result, an excellent job. Thank you ever so much.
K C, Masterton

In September 2011 I ordered some replica miniature medals form you. They are beautiful and got them put in a boxed frame and they look amazing thank-you! A family member has seen them and would like a copy for themselves. I have copied the correspondence from the order I placed with you. Could you please give me a quote for the same product I received.
Emily. 12 February 2013.

They [a mounted replica medals set and a display case] arrived this morning. They look fantastic. I actually cried when I opened the case. It was an emotional moment. I am so pleased with them. Many thanks
Gill. 16 April 2014.

Apply for New Zealand Military Medals

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If you are entitled to New Zealand military medals, apply for them by writing to the New Zealand Defence Forces medals section. Contact details are shown below.

To start the process to claim medals entitlement, write or email to:
 Staff Officer Medals
 Personnel Archives
 Private Bag 905

or, email by clicking on this link

Provide the following information that is identifiable, including that for next of kin if possible, to assist military Archives staff locate files:

  - Service Number
  - Surname
  - Full Given Names and any other names you are known by
  - Date and Place of Birth
  - Rank and Service (Army / Navy/ Airforce)
  - Regiment / Battalion/ Unit / Ship
  - Period of Service

If applicable; Next of Kin, Address and Occupation at time of Enlistment
Include your current address and contact phone number in all communications.

Records for World War One Service Personnel

All records for New Zealander's who served during WWI are held at Archives New Zealand, PO Box 12 050, Wellington.

New Zealand Defence Service Medal 2010

The New Zealand Defence Force medals office is accepting applications for the medal as descibed on the web page, seen by clicking HERE.. Applications can be submitted via the website link by clicking HERE.
New Zealand Defence Service Medal with clasps
Click on image to view.

One or more clasps may be awarded with the medal. The number of clasps awarded to an individual will be determined by the type(s) of military service undertaken by the individual. The four clasps are: REGULAR (image shown above), TERRITORIAL, C.M.T. and NATIONAL SERVICE.

Information about the New Zealand Defence Service Medal can be viewed at the following New Zealand Defence Force web page, seen by clicking here

Military Campaigns involving New Zealand

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Military campaigns New Zealanders have been involved in include the Boer War, World War I and World War II, in Japan as occupation forces following the Second World War, and the Korea War in the early 1950's. That was followed by the Malayan Emergency from the mid-1950's to early 1960's. In the mid 1960's New Zealanders were involved with Malaysia in its confrontation with Indonesia by active service on the Malay Peninsula mainland and in Borneo.

Commitment to the war in South Vietnam was undertaken from late 1960's until the early 1970's. Other global issues involving New Zealand military forces have included Rhodesia, mine clearing in Cambodia, the Gulf War, peace keeping in East Timor and a combat force in Afghanistan.

Overall, the major countries in which New Zealand Military forces have been engaged in outside the borders of their own country include France, Germany, Italy, North Africa, Burma, Southwest Pacific region, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Cambodia, Rhodesia, Middle East, East Timor, and Afghanistan.

New Zealand Military Campaign Medal Awards - In a Nutshell

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The system of medallic issue is based on Honours, Decorations, and Awards. The order in which Orders, Decorations and Medals are worn in New Zealand is prescribed Cabinet of the New Zealand Government. However, only medals approved by the New Zealand Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, may be worn by serving military personnel.

Military forces active and non-active medallic issue is primarily for Gallantry, Bravery, Distinguished Conduct, and Campaigns. The following is a summary of the Campaign medals in a nutshell, consisting of War, operational, Peace keeping, and Special Service. Worn in date of order, awards include:

Order of Wear

Check the order in which honours and medals are worn by clicking here New Zealand Defence Force medals.

Medals Gallery

Wearing of Decorations and Medals by Next of Kin or Family Members

The insignia of any order, decoration or medal, including miniatures, lapel badges and ribbons, may only be worn by the person to whom they were awarded.

There is a convention or custom that is widely understood that the next of kin and other relatives may wear, on the right side only, on ANZAC and similar days of remembrance, the service medals of deceased military personnel.

The convention is a matter of personal discretion, is limited to days of remembrance and applies only to service medals and decorations mounted on a medal bar (full-size or miniature) and not neck badges, sashes and badges, or breast stars.

Medal Mounting Facts

Medals Order of Wear
When ribbons alone are worn, up to four ribbons can be mounted in one row on a ribbon bar before a second row centered above the first is started. The senior medal ribbon is displayed on the top row closest to the lapel and the junior medal on the bottom row furtherest from the lapel.

We can advise on mounting and correct Order of Wear.

Court Mounting Style

The Court style presents your medals with ceremonial excellence! The style evolved from within the Royal Courts to eliminate the noise of medals clinking together as a wearer went about the court business. Hence, this style is the accepted standard for medals mounting that includes ensuring the medal itself is fastened. The swing style can contribute early damage to the face of medals and ribbon. Back to top of page.

Medals Etiquette

It is dictated by etiquette that medals be worn in court-mounted style when in Royal and Vice-Regal presence, and on full ceremonial occasions.

Medals Width
Often there is doubt about the quality of a job when the owner sees medals mounted and overlapped. The simple answer is that a single group of medals should not exceed a width of 163mm.

Thus, the normal ribbon is 32mm wide. An average group of five WWII medals mounted side-by-side, with tolerance for butting of ribbon edges, can equal 163mm. For six or more medals the group is overlapped to equal 160mm, on average. There are exceptions in order to maintain balance that include Honours, Decorations, and Awards for campaigns. For example, the ribbon width for some Honours, Korean and Vietnam war medals is 35mm to 38mm wide.

Medals Length
The length of a mounted military medal should not be less than 90mm, nor longer than 95mm. Requests for specifications outside these parameters will be met, however, please do not be offended if we point the preceding specifications in the first instance.

Medals Obverse/Reverse Sides
There are two sides to a medal, the obverse side and reverse. The obverse side is normally referred to as the 'face' side and consists of depictions of a monarch or coat of arms. The reverse side can include depictions of a variety of symbolics.

The correct order of medals mounting is the obverse side outermost, or to the front.

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