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Advisory Notes ~ [scroll down for medals products section]

Automated Email

An automated email is sent immediately to those who have purchased from our Replica Medals website via our Paypal account or, have submitted an order form from the replica medals web page or, sent an email enquiring about replica medals.

When replying to such email be sure to change the Subject wording, for example ... 'Replica Medals Purchase Wally Stumpwater'.... . Do not copy and paste the example shown. If the 'Subject' wording remains the same, another of the automated email will be received by you.

Normal Business Hours ~ Personal One-on-One Contact

The Company policy includes ensuring staff spend quality time with their families, therefore normal business hours at our premises for personal one-on-one contact are:

Monday to Friday ~ 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Personal contact outside the above business hours can be by arrangement, including weekends.

Online Business Hours

The Company website enables online transaction and communications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Automated email responses will occur, these will be followed up the next normal working day.

Replica Medals Sets Prepared for Wear

If you are wanting to purchase WWI & WWII replica medals as a set for wear, it is recommended you firstly view the web page where such are listed. There are multiple choices to select from, with only one purchase to make. If the set you need is not listed, email us with the details and an invoice will be sent to you. Click the link for the medals sets prepared for wear:

Medal Products

Medal Display and Travel Cases

Display and travel cases for mounted military campaign and service medals.
  • Quality leatherette outer, satin liner, with an inner felt pad
  • Ideal for medals display and storage in the family home!
Service details you provide for medals recipient are printed on gold background and placed on display cases.

miniature medals display case CASE01 full medals display case CASE02 full medals display case CASE03
Up to 5 miniature medals,
or a single medal.
Dimensions 80 x 100 x 35mm
Holds up to 4 full medals,
or 6-plus miniature medals.
Dimensions 155 x 100 x 29mm
Holds 5 full medals,
and 6 or more standard overlapped.
Dimensions 177 x 100 x 26mm
NZD$17.80 NZD$25.60 NZD$33.25
*NOTE: Due to CASE01 dimensions it is sometimes impracticable to place full labels on the case. Abbreviations may be used.

Remembrance Poppy Lapel Badge
Medals Pocket Holder
A medals set brooch pin threads through the plastic holder which is then slipped into a jacket top breast pocket.
Remembrance Poppy
Lapel Badge
In Honour of Service
NZD$15.00 NZD$21.50

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