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Medal Ribbon Bars for Uniforms - 'Butterfly Clip and Magnetic Styles' ~ Quality Assured ~

Riband Bars

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Medal ribbon bars for uniforms in butterfly clip or magnetic style, quality assured service. Also known as riband bars, the full range of medal ribbon bars can be made up fitted with medal ribbon from post-WWII through to current military and other service such as Venerable Order of St John.

As the New Zealand premier ribbon bars supplier, the medals recipients include:

Ribbon bars are fitted to a maximum row of 4 medals, followed by another row below as required. An exception is in the case of 5 medals where the top row is fitted with 2-space and another 3-space fitted below.

The most 'senior' medal is always mounted as the first ribbon followed by all others in date of award or seniority.

The New Zealand Defence Force standard for serving armed forces members is a maximum width of 3-space.

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Medals Ribbon Riband Bars

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